General Guidelines for Residential Garbage Collection

    1. Tote Sizes
  • One regular tote biweekly $26.01 per month (cannot exceed 100 pounds)
  • One regular tote weekly $49.36 per month
  • One mini tote bi-weekly $20.17 per month (cannot exceed 70 pounds)
  • One mini tote weekly $37.70 per month
    2. Tote Location
  • Customers who have homes with an alley behind them place totes by the alley
  • Customers without alleys behind their homes place totes by the street in front of their home
  • All totes must be placed in a location requiring not more than 15 feet wheeling distance
  • When areas are not passable by truck, the garbage collector will designate the location
    3. Extra Garbage

Any garbage in excess of the service contracted for must be placed in Hometown Sanitation garbage bags that can be purchased ($14.00 for a package of 3) at our office in Hoquiam, 815 Simpson Ave. You can also purchase extra garbage bags at Ace Electric in Hoquiam. Extra garbage bags can be used on an occasional basis only – the need for frequent use of extra garbage bags will necessitate an increase in the sanitation service.

    4. Time of Collection

Due to variations in work schedules and unforeseen circumstances, totes should be placed out the night before collection is to take place; an extra charge ($10.00 return pickup fee) will be added if a return trip is requested.