General Guidelines for Residential Recycling Collection

This is a voluntary program, but all are encouraged to participate to help reduce disposal costs and to conserve natural resources; this is a curbside program so the recycle tote must be placed at the edge of the alley or on the curb to facilitate the transfer of the recyclables.

Aluminum Cans - Mostly pop cans; be sure the cans are empty.
  Tin Cans - Must be rinsed; the Recycle Center prefers that the cans be flattened but
it is not mandatory; no aerosol cans.
  Mixed Paper & Cardboard
    white or colored paper paper towels, napkins, tissues
     copy paper, fax paper paper or plastic cups
    computer paper wax coated or plastic coated items
    magazines and junk mail foil bags or candy wrappers
    envelopes (with windows OK) juice boxes
    file folders plastic notebooks or binders
    phone books carbon paper
    cardboard, paper board rubber bands
    ONLY plastic bottles
(neck must be smaller than body)
NO other plastic

Click the calendar image below to view the collection schedule:

Collection schedule

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Collection schedule